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Ferrari 458 Italia Manettino

Ferrari 458 Italia Manettino, Launch Control and Interior

The 458 Italia is equipped with a racing manettino switch leading toward more sporting set ups and giving the driver a wider selection of electronic controls parameters. The ICE setting saw in the F430 has been removed, while the CT setting has been added in order to deactivate the traction control and at the same time maintain the stability control. There are five different manettino positions and conditions: Low Grip, Sport, Race, CT and CTS. Low Grip setting provides maximum grip under all driving conditions, and it is particularly suited for low grip surfaces. The emphasis is on comfort and stability without compromising the handling. Sport is the best setting for day to day driving and guarantees great safety under good grip...

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Videos Of Off Road Driving

Finding 4×4 Videos Of Off Road Driving

In the world of off-road driving, finding fun and entertaining mud bogging 4×4 videos can be quite easy. There are lots of ways that people drive their trucks, cars and SUV’s in off-road mud pits and tracks. While most often these day long or even several days long expeditions are purely for the enjoyment of the drivers, there are times when prizes can be claimed.

4×4 bogging has become an attractive hobby for many people. Whether in your youth, elderly, male or female, there are no bounds for this sport. Even county fairs have taken up this popular event. A lot of fairs in many states regularly book demolition derby’s, 4×4 monster trucks races and mud bogging.

The best way to get a glimpse of what this experience is like is to search online for 4×4 b...

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Wesley Chapel New And Used Cars

Your decision of whether to buy a new car or a used car mostly boils down to the question of budget. While there are a number of advantages buying a new car, there are equally as many for buying a pre-owned car from a reputable dealer or original owner.

The fact that both the new and used car markets are under enormous pressure as a result of the recession worldwide is actually good news for the consumer. With increasing repossessions and less buying power, there is literally a flood of vehicular stock on factory and dealership floors, leading to more astute pricing by the industry and a burgeoning array of choice for the prospective buyer.

.Advantages to buying new and used cars

* A new car will generally demand less maintenance as the average warranty period of at least three years assur...

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Car Wheels – Keep Clean Keep Safe

Do you have alloy car wheels installed in your car? Well if this is the case then you will have to b very careful with the maintenance of these wheels. You need to take proper care of your wheels as they are very important for proper running of your car. Here are certain important points that you need to remember for cleaning of the alloy car wheels.

Initially you will have to make sure that you pre rinse the wheels with the help of a fine shower. This will help in removing all dust particles and debris from it.

You will also find tar strains on some of the wheels which will also be cleaned with the special tar remover which is available in the market. Make sure that you perform this activity with a soft cloth preferably cotton.

After this you need to make sure that you buy a wheel cleaner...

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Used Cars For Sale In The USA offers free searches of over 1,000,000 used cars and used trucks across the USA. Log onto our website and you will find used autos advertised by thousands of reputable used car dealerships nationwide. Whether you are looking for a cheap used car or a great foreign car we have it all!

Digital Automotive Network, in partnership with Dealer Specialties, created UsedCarLocate in 2007. This free used car search service offers used cars, trucks, sedans, convertibles, vans and suvs for sale nationwide. All vehicles are listed with dealer name, location, prices, multiple photos and full equipment details.

For those looking for a quality pre-owned car we offer certified pre-owned vehicles that have been extensively serviced by the dealer and come complete with ad...

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