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Buick young buyers

Can Buick LaCrosse tempt young buyers

Buick says its current LaCrosse customer base has an average age of around 60. Survey data from research firms AutoPacific Inc. and Strategic Vision put the average at around 70. Either way, Buick hopes to persuade some younger people to take a look at its stylish redesigned sedan when the car begins arriving in showrooms this month, with loads of connectivity, built-in car dvd player, android car stereo and a sporty ride for a large sedan.

The stakes aren’t as high as they might have been a few years ago, when the LaCrosse routinely was Buick’s top-volume nameplate...

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How to Enhance the Performance

How to Enhance the Performance of Your Truck

There are many ways to enhance the performance of your truck, and truck performance parts are the best way to do so. One performance part will differ from the other, whether it is an exhaust system part or a suspension lift kit, or so much more. Truck performance parts will help customize your favorite vehicle, and also increase its performance. Because every performance part will have a different purpose, and every truck owner has different objectives in mind, knowing what you want to get out of your truck will be very important when you are choosing performance parts. The most common parts used to enhance truck performance are an enhanced exhaust system, a suspension lift, covers, and more...

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Aluminum Cars

Multiple vehicle manufacturers incorporate aluminum into their process, sometimes only superficially for exterior parts and panels, while others use it more comprehensively both for the exterior and the internal structure.

The reason for aluminum being such a widely used material in the manufacturing industry is due to a few contributing factors; such as its lightweight. The less weight there is attached to a vehicle, the more efficiently it is able to accelerate, and the more fuel efficient it will be as it then requires less energy for the same performance.

Aluminum is corrosion resistant, meaning it will weather the elements better. Everyone who has ever owned a car will understand what a huge relief that would be in terms of car maintenance...

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A Car’s Suspension System

Knowledge Of Modifying A Car’s Suspension System

A car’s suspension system is very complex, with the parts inextricably connected to each other. Regardless of a car’s shape and size, just the 4 tires touch the ground, and they undertake the weight of the car itself as well as the people and things the car carries. Let’s assume a vehicle (front-engine, front-wheel drive) has a total weight of 1,000 kg. When static, the front and rear tire on each side bears 300 kg and 200 kg respectively, while the weight load has some subtle changes when the car gets started. The dynamic inertia will cause a weight transfer to the car, no matter it is speeding up, slowing down or steering, thus resulting in rapid bear load growth of some individual tires...

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Increase Automotive Sales

Increase Automotive Sales and Community Visibility with Motorlot CarDealers SEO

The traditional media market has been exhausted by car dealers. TV, radio, print and billboards have been tried and some have more success than others. The next market of focus is the vast online world. Google rankings, local SEO, check-ins from FourSquare, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter are all hot buzzwords. But how do you monetize your efforts online and see sales and your bottom line grow? With MotorLot SEO managed local search engine optimization.

If we searched online for your dealership right now, what would we find? Would you have a listing in Google? How about Google Places? Would their be reviews on your dealership? A Facebook Fan page or Twitter account? If you are most dealers, you would see little pres...

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How Brakes Work

Inertia or momentum, as described by Newton’s Law of Motion, is the tendency of an object to remain in its current state and resist change. It is measured by an object’s mass when stationary, its mass and velocity when in motion. How do these laws of physics relate to the average commuter? It’s simple. Engineers use algebraic formulas relating to the Law of Motion to design braking systems that will arrest the forward momentum of a 4, 000 pound vehicle traveling at 88 feet per second. Therefore, you have a reasonable expectation that your car will stop when you step on the brake pedal.

Keep in mind, however, that brakes are a wearable item, meaning that certain components of the braking system will wear out before the rest of the car. These components are:

• Brake Rotors – Brake roto...

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Torque Converters

Torque Converters And Their Functions

If manual cars use clutch, automatic cars use torque converters. A torque converter is a fluid coupling mechanism that allows the engine to spin independently from the transmission. Torque means power in the automobile’s dictionary. Torque converter then is literally a power converter.

There are four different torque converter parts: pump, turbine, stator, and transmission fluid. The transmission fluid provides the converter the high performance power to do its job for fluid coupling. The pump acts as a centrifuge. It works pretty much like a washing machine. As the pump spins, the transmission fluid is flung to the torque converter’s outer part...

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Top 10 Wheels & Rims

Top 10 Wheels & Rims – Racing Car Wheels Have Become The New Fashion

Today world is being very fashionable and stylish considering their cars and trucks. Modified vehicle’s fashion is up to mark. Old models car are being modified and being better than new fashioned cars, because of their good engine quality and latest model. Wheels give great and exciting look to a car or truck. If you are having car and you like to get good rims then you should choose good rims according to your car colors. There are many good rims available in the market places which gives good looks to your car.

Top 10 Wheels & Rims

1. Dodge Viper 18″ x 10″ Alloy Wheel

2. Acura Integra 15″ x 6″ Alloy Wheel

3. Lincoln Navigator 18″ x 7.5″ Alloy Wheel

4. Alfa Romeo Milano 15″ x 6″ Alloy Wheel


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Fuel Saver Technology

HHO Kits – Fuel Saver Technology

Use HHO Kits to save money and environment

HHO kits are the systems for your car that converts water into HHO gas and adds it to the combustion process of the engine that way improving gasoline combustion for up to 50%, keeping the engine cooler and reducing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions from the engine. There are many people who say that you can’t run your car on water and they are partially right. It is true, you can’t run your car solely on water but you can make a HYBRID car out of it.

By installing a HHO kit you can improve your car fuel efficiency by as much as 50%, depending on which system you are using...

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Choose Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are the choice of reason when it comes time to make a replacement,

Brake pads are positioned on the inside of the caliper -that’s the thing you see behind the tire on those cool cars- facing the rotor (the thing that turns the wheel) so when you hit the brake the caliper clamps the pads onto the rotor,

As you can imagine when the spinning wheel comes in contact with the brake it causes a lot of heat which gives of a lot of friction making them stick to the rotor.

There are many advantages and disadvantages that come along with each type of pads, for example how much noise it makes, the wear on the car, dust that it gives off , these are just a few.

And when it comes to cars every year, make and model require different parts so depending on what kind of vehicle you driv...

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