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Seven Things Drivers

Seven Things Drivers Love About the New Vauxhall Agila

A compact MPV, the Vauxhall Agila combines a spacious interior with great handling and affordability. They’re the ideal vehicle for a busy family with places to go. With the Agila, you can load up everything you need in minutes and still have plenty of space to get everyone to their destinations. Along with great fuel mileage and cheap car insurance for your Vauxhall Agila, you can afford to go almost anywhere. Once you drive this car, you won’t want to get out.

A Small Price and Affordable Car Insurance for Your Vauxhall Agila

Families on a budget love the Vauxhall Agila. Priced lower than many of the larger MPVs, the payments are quite reasonable. But if you negotiate with the dealer, you can lower your monthly payments even more...

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Mercedes’ E 220 BlueTEC Delivers Power, Smooth Operation And Fuel Economy

Mercedes’ E 220 BlueTEC Delivers Power, Smooth Operation And Fuel Economy

While the driving dynamics, comfort and pleasure characteristic of the German luxury carmaker are there, the latest E 220 BlueTEC also underscores the environmental credentials of the E-Class, emitting just 128 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

The E 220 BlueTEC’s drive system is powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection. Mercedes says the engine combines qualities which were previously considered incompatible – maximum tractive power and smooth operation – while at the same time operating on minimal fuel consumption.

Mercedes refers to the E-Class as the ‘efficiency class’, offering superior driving pleasure with fuel economy. It says 4...

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