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Used Cars in Chennai and Hyderabad through Free Classifieds

Most of the automobile companies such as, Tata Motors, Maruti, Kinetic Motor Company and Bajaj Auto and many other companies are encountering an immense setback due to the expansion of second hand or used cars in market which causes decline in the sale of the cars.

A recent survey says that an immense downfall has come in the sale of cars because of the demand of used cars by the people. Automobile industry is developing rapidly and it also giving lot many employments to the job seekers. The sale and purchase of used cars in Chennai has become one of the high yielding business for the people as a result more and more people are doing this business

With more than 3 million new automobiles rolling out each year on the roads of India, this industry is set to make a mark as the fastest growing...

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Giacomo Mattioli and Maserati of Pasadena Experience

Giacomo Mattioli, principal of Ferrari Maserati of Silicon Valley and Ferrari Maserati of Beverley Hills opened Maserati of Pasadena in 2002. Maserati of Pasadena was housed in an historical brick building in the heart of old Pasadena: it was built over eighty years ago with a long automotive history; it started as a Ford dealership, it turned into an Auto Union dealership to become a the private car collection house of Lee Iaccoca. Pasadena community was proud that Mr. Mattioli restored the building and returned it to its long-time use as an automotive showroom, after few years serving as offices. The building definitely made a unique and distinctive setting to display the finest that Maserati has to offer.

Maserati builds some of the finest high performance grand touring cars in the worl...

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350Z body kits – make people stop and stare

There have been a number of sports cars but 350Z is the first that can claim to be the one within the reach of an average common man. Made by Nissan, it debuted in 2003 and was responsible for restoring Nissan’s popularity in the American market. It is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a powerful engine and it is available as a coupe and a roadster. In 2007 some improvements were made in the car which included providing a new stiff chassis, stronger springs and shock absorbers, and new wheels. These changes improved the performance of the car, but in 2008 the coupe was discontinued and 2009 the roadster was also dropped.

350Z is a compact car for which the body kits can make a positive contribution. They can give the car a look of customer’s choice...

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