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4 Tips To Do Auto Repair On Your Own

You should hire an experienced auto mechanic whenever your car develops problems, but you can also learn a few repair tricks to perform small automobile repair on your own.

Have you determined yet that you just wish to handle your automobile repair on your own? If you have decided, then it’s time to organize yourself before you begin working on your car. Find out more info that can help you perform quality auto repair works on your vehicle.

Here are top 4 tips for DIY auto repair of some common issues that you just can fix on your own.

  • How To Do Rust Repair

Managing automobile rust repair is not quite difficult. You’ll simply remove rust from an automobile by scrubbing it employing a wire brush...

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Automobile History – Top 10 Interesting Facts

Automobiles have been around since as early as 1769, when the first steam engine powered automobiles were produced. In 1807, Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the first car that was powered by an internal combustion engine running on fuel gas. The journey of modern automobiles began in 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz created an automobile that featured wire wheels with a four-stroke engine fitted between the rear wheels. Named as ‘Benz Patent Motorwagen’, it was the first automobile that generated its own power, which is the reason why Karl Benz was given its patent and is called the inventor of modern automobiles.

So we shortlisted ten things you probably did not know about the history of automobiles.

1. Adolf Hitler ordered Ferdinand Porsche to manufacture a Volkswagen, which...

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Labor of Love

Labor of Love

“Man restores his dad’s beloved car”

The 1953 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe Newport was never far from my heart. I grew up in the back seat, earned my driver’s license behind its wheel, and posed by it on my high school graduation day. I purchased the car from my father in 1970. It remained with my parents, Archie and Dolores Kunes, in Weedville Penn., while I served in the USAF for 20 years.

The dream was for father and son to restore it when life quieted down for me. That plan had to be altered after Archie was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. The car was put on a trailer and hauled to my home in Fairfield, CA, where I spent the next decade restoring the cherished vehicle to its original condition.

There was one surprising discovery along the way...

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Make Sure Your New Pickup Has These Crucial Things

Shopping for a new pickup truck? It’s pretty important to include these things that you may tend to overlook when you are anxious to strike a deal and drive away with that new rig. You can always add some after-market toys and dress up your truck to suit your personality, but I am talking about some essentials that you might otherwise think you really don’t need.  I am hoping that after you read this article, that you will understand the reason why you should not overlook certain features.

Choosing the right make and model may not be an easy decision for you, but it actually will seem easy once you consider the following things you should say yes to in truck components...

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How To Fix Egg Damage on Your Truck’s Finish

Halloween lets everyone get their fill of candy and trick-or-treating, but also brings out the pranksters who can do damage to your truck.. I often get asked if eggs can damage the finish on a vehicle.  The clear cut answer is “absolutely yes!”   If your truck was a victim of egging this Halloween, here is what you can do to eliminate costly body work, but you must act fast, because eggs left on your paint finish will leave damage over night.

The biggest reason why eggs cause such damage to your clear coat is the enzymes and albumin in the egg. The sulfur content doesn’t help either. If not cleaned soon after it’s on the paint, you will be left with cloudy white spots that will require more than just soap and water...

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Your Truck Bed Cover Is Not Enough

I am frequently looking for new additions for my truck in the line of accessories to improve the functionality of my pickup. I have found that the heaviest concentration first and foremost should be protection of the bed, making the obvious choice a cover. Once you have one in place, you may think that is all you need, but you shouldn’t be kept in the dark about other items you may not have thought of until the need arises and you don’t have them.

Your bed cover will keep debris and other factors of nature out, but is not enough to protect your bed floor from potential scratches and dents that are bound to happen from moving things in and out, if it is not properly protected...

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