Buying Breakdown Coverage

It can be difficult selecting which breakdown policy is for you, mostly because of the amount of variations available. Policies can offer coverage from one, two or more people and the pricing of the plans may even differ based on the vehicle itself, with age, condition and mileage all playing a part in the breakdown cover providers determining the cost of the coverage. It is usually the older cars that are most likely to break down, but the providers know this and so they raise their prices accordingly.

Generally, accidents or vandalism aren’t covered by the breakdown cover and there are also other things like the extent of the cover that you should consider. For example, the more expensive options will include things such as towing your car where necessary or cover at home (as the standard breakdown cover is only roadside – meaning if you broke down whilst out driving and were stranded).

You can buy breakdown cover from a range of companies the most well known of which are Green Flag, the AA and the RAC. More recently, the supermarkets such as Tesco and ASDA have entered the breakdown cover market, which is good for buyers as the more competitors the lower the prices. However, it does make it harder to decide which breakdown cover provider is right for you. One tool to help you make this decision is the internet, with numerous breakdown cover quote comparison sites available you can view all the quotes available after inputting your details and requirements meaning you are able to view the cheapest quotes or the ones that are most right for you.

When it comes to the end of your pre-agreed breakdown cover contract, many will automatically renew so if you are wishing to cancel your plan or switch over to a new provider, it is important to contact your original breakdown cover provider in order to ensure they have terminated your agreement. The benefit of this is that some breakdown cover providers actually offer a partial refund to customers who cancel their policies without having had a single call-out.

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