Choose Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are the choice of reason when it comes time to make a replacement,

Brake pads are positioned on the inside of the caliper -that’s the thing you see behind the tire on those cool cars- facing the rotor (the thing that turns the wheel) so when you hit the brake the caliper clamps the pads onto the rotor,

As you can imagine when the spinning wheel comes in contact with the brake it causes a lot of heat which gives of a lot of friction making them stick to the rotor.

There are many advantages and disadvantages that come along with each type of pads, for example how much noise it makes, the wear on the car, dust that it gives off , these are just a few.

And when it comes to cars every year, make and model require different parts so depending on what kind of vehicle you drive that’s the pads you need,

So why do I encourage you to look into ceramic?

The reasons are many let’s start with this one they’re extremely quiet and don’t make that annoying sound every time you hit the brakes,

Secondly and more importantly it’s proven to have better stopping performance that means it takes less time to stop when you really need to,

There’s more but first let me explain what ceramic brake pads are and how they operate so you can get a better understanding,

Many ingredients go into ceramic pads they differ depending on the manufacturer; it ranges anymore from 9 to 18 ingredients, including fiber compounds and ceramic compounds,

Ceramic gives off less dust and is quieter than metal pads, while the fiber ads in performance and better stopping,

With that being said they’re obviously not as heavy duty as metal which is why they can’t be used for trucks and large work vehicles.

There are many types of brake pads, semi-metallic, asbestos, organic and non-organic, but from all ceramic clearly has the biggest up-side,

As a matter of fact almost 60% of car manufacturers use ceramic brake pads, partially because of the stricter requirements for brake performance, which says a lot about ceramic pads.

Other advantages are how long they last, ceramic brake pads have been proven to last up to five times longer than average pads, which means that even though you may pay more for them now, you’ll be saving a lot more later on,

Another reason you’ll be saving money is because unlike other types of pads ceramic is very easy on the rotors,

Usually the clamping of pads to the rotor not only changes the color of the wheel, but wears out the rotor too, causing for you to replace them fairly often,

Some high performance pads come with laser made grooves letting all the excess dust out away from the wheel.

So for the above mentioned reasons plus your safety take a good look into ceramic brake pads when that time comes to replace yours,

If you would like more information and find where to buy, visit link below

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